LBX – original concept created by LEVEL-5, Inc. — is based on an extremely popular Japanese animated television series and franchise. The new season adds an additional 26 episodes, slated to begin running in fall, 2015. The first season is currently rerunning on Nicktoons, and will repeat before the second season premiere this fall.

“We are thrilled that the LBX franchise has found a fan base in the United States, and we look forward to working with the Nicktoons team and our licensing and promotional partners as we expand the LBX merchandise roster,” said Marc Harrington, Senior Vice President, Global Strategy and Development for Dentsu Entertainment, Inc.

In season two, Van forges a bond with a new friend, Hiro. Van and Hiro travel around the world with their LBX miniature customized robots to stop a far more sinister global threat. The second season begins airing in fall, 2015.

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